Enhanced Unemployment

The Federal Government has allowed states to change their unemployment benefit laws to provide benefits for situations related to coronavirus (COVID-19).
Expanded unemployment insurance (UI) for workers, including a $600 per week increase in benefits for up to four months. Federal funding of unemployment insurance benefits provided to those not usually eligible for unemployment insurance, such as the self-employed, independent contractors, and those with limited work history.

The federal government is incentivizing states to repeal any “waiting week” provisions. That prevent unemployed workers from getting benefits as soon as they are laid off by fully funding the first week of unemployment insurance for states that suspend such waiting periods.

Effective March 15, 2020 Virginia has waived the one week waiting period a well as the requirement to conduct a weekly job search. Additionally, the federal government will fund an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits through December 31, 2020 after workers have run out of state unemployment benefits.

Please visit the Virginia Employment Commission Website to file your claim.

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