Small business accountants don’t just take care of tax prep and compliance issues, they also help drive access and business. Accountants can help deliver insights to your business by analyzing company data and providing strategic advice in business decisions. Now more than ever, accountants have access to the cloud and can help your business grow. For instance, if you’re a contractor for large contracts and keep getting underbid. Your accountant can come analyze how much your underbidding and allow you to increase your future bids at the appropriate level. Understanding the strength of your business should be vital to what you expect in an accountant. Your accountant should be a trusted partner, continuously brainstorming how to improve your profits. The truth is that some small businesses involve their accountant as a real thought colleague and engage in rich conversations. Others view the relationship as more transactional. As a small business owner, it’s mandatory that you ask the right questions, have high expectations of what your accountant can do for you.