IRS Tax Liens on your credit report & Levies on your Bank Accounts?

Federal tax liens and account levies are tactics the IRS or state will use against you to collect money owed without you paying them directly. The tax lien will appear on your credit report which makes it nearly impossible to obtain a loan for a car or a home or any purpose. Account levies allow the IRS or state to take funds directly from your checking, savings or even your retirement accounts.

  • With professional representation you may be able to have the liens and levies released.
  • Depending upon your situation, liens or levies can be released so you can be better positioned to address your tax debts and get them resolved.
  • The tax resolution experts at Tax Help US have been getting tax liens and bank levies released for their clients for over 35 years.
  • Waiting can cost you even more money. The sooner you contact the tax resolution experts at Tax Help US, the sooner the damages can be minimized and you can resolve your tax situation and achieve financial health again.

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