Owe Back Taxes or have Unfiled Tax Returns?

Failure to file tax returns is a FELONY and subject to civil and even criminal penalties. If you haven’t filed for a few years because you couldn’t pay the taxes owed, don’t wait for the IRS to contact you and do not let the IRS or your state prepare returns for you as they will use the highest rate and it will cost you even more.

Some tips about Unfiled Tax Returns and Back Tax Help:
 You can go to prison and face substantial penalties for not filing
 Willful failure to file returns can result in a punishment of one year in jail
and a $25,000 fine (or $100,000 for corporations)
 If you haven’t been contacted yet by the IRS already, it may be possible to
file your returns without criminal penalties and to obtain tax debt relief.
 You must prepare and file returns that are accurate and truthful so it is
highly recommended that you have professional representation
 Tax Help US can guide you and represent you to the IRS and your State tax
authorities and get you in Compliance (current) with your filing

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